City of Atlanta Budget Process


There are four main entities involved in conceptualizing and finalizing the budget.

The Mayor

  • Prepares and submits the proposed annual budget ordinance to the City Council no later than its first regular meeting in May, preceding the commencement of the fiscal year
  • Considers the resolution submitted by City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee, based on council members’ suggestions for budget priorities
  • Mayor and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) may choose to consider the resolution in preparing the budget

City Council

  • Holds one or more public hearings on the proposed budget; advertises said meeting(s) in a general-circulation newspaper at least seven (7) days before the date of the hearing
  • Amends the proposed annual budget as many times as necessary, so long as the final version allows for all legal and Charter-mandated expenditures
  • City Council has until the end of June to adopt the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year

Budget Commission

  • Works alongside City Council to submit an anticipated revenue report to the mayor for use in preparing the budget
  • Upon filing revenue anticipations, needs no approval or disapproval, as they are binding upon the City Council

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Five days before the meeting at which the final budget will be submitted to the City Council, the CFO must provide a complete detailed written copy of the final version of the budget