City Council’s FY2025 Budget Priorities

Each year, before the Mayor introduces their proposed budget, members of the Atlanta City Council prepare their own list of priorities. The priorities listed below are taken from City Council Resolution 24-R-3186, adopted on March 4, 2024.

Fiscal Stability

  • Ensure that the FY 2025 budget is structurally balanced (timing/nature of revenue matched to that of expenses)


  • Invest in programs to support legacy homeowners (e.g. Legacy Resident Housing Stabilization Fund), first time home purchasers and seniors (e.g., Senior Citizen Housing Code Relief Fund, House Proud), including owner-occupied legacy resident home model/repair low-interest loans, down payment assistance,  property tax relief programs and a neighborhood-based public private partnership program to mitigate and reverse chronic homelessness

Economic Mobility/Opportunity

  • Enable the City of Atlanta’s funding commitment to facilitate the launch of Atlanta’s very first Legacy Business Program, facilitated by Invest Atlanta ($1.8M)
  • Initiate and invest in programs to support legacy businesses
  • Establish programs that offer support and resources for new parents, particularly for low-income communities, including parenting classes, support groups, and workshops on child development
  • Develop partnerships and invest in initiatives to promote mental health awareness, including community-based counseling services, local support groups, and mental health first-aid training
  • Allocate funds for programs that promote digital literacy and ensure equitable Wi-fi access, particularly in underserved communities


  • Identify revenue streams to fund youth programs focused on vocational, recreational, and learning opportunities that focus on behavioral intervention and promotes personal growth and social development
  • Expand network of recreation fields for youth sports and programs
  • Expand access by making city recreational activities free to students receiving free and reduced lunch benefits in additions to Camp Best Friends and pool access


  • Ensure Department of Parks and Recreation continues to receive needed budget increases and that the increase in the Parks Improvement Fund is not used to offset operational or other costs historically funded through the general fund budget
  • Develop and pursue funding to create a natural areas team within the Department of Parks and Recreation, including appointing a director of natural resources and additional maintenance workers to focus on tree care and combating invasive species

Infrastructure/Quality of Life/Sustainability

  • Fund large backlog of street resurfacing, prioritizing streets with a Pavement Condition Index/Score of less than 60% rating across the city; Fund and complete a Pavement Conditions Index/Score study update by Q2 FY2025
  • Triple Atlanta Department of Transportation’s traffic calming budget (currently ~$1M) to deliver projects currently on the wait-list much more quickly. The backlog is pushing into FY27 and continuing to grow (~$3M)
  • Provide funding provisions for conducting traffic studies in high-density corridors of the city to help develop more effective traffic management strategies
  • Allocate funding and prioritize bike lane connectivity to enhance transportation infrastructure and promote mobility
  • Allocate funds for communication and public relations roles within the Atlanta Department of Transportation to enhance communication, address public inquiries, and develop greater community engagement
  • Create and fund programs that help build community resilience in the face of climate change, including renewable energy projects, green infrastructure, and ways to increase disaster preparedness


  • Establish an office to research and oversee artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and governance with funds for hiring IT experts and invest in training for City employees as AI capabilities advance

Public Safety

  • Continue aggressive funding of fleet replacement needs of both Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, of which many fleet vehicles and apparatus have over 10 years of service and/or 100K miles
  • Implement pay incentive plan for officers assigned to the Atlanta Police Department Motors Unit per Resolution 23-R-4151
  • Allocate resources for the strategic installation of cameras in City of Atlanta parks to ensure enhanced security