Municipal Court

The Municipal Court handles a variety of cases under state laws and city ordinances, including D.U.I., parking disputes, traffic and moving violations, and “quality of life” cases including disorderly conduct, minor drug offenses, and panhandling.

Budget Overview

The total proposed operating budget for the Municipal Court is $14,701,767. This is a decrease of $328,660 (-2.2%) from the previous year. The number of authorized positions (jobs) is proposed to increase from 187 to 188 (+0.5%).

FY2025 Proposed Budget Book – Municipal Court

Budget Briefing

The court had its FY2025 budget briefing on Thursday, May 9, at 11:30am.

Budget Briefing: Municipal Court – 05/09/24

The Atlanta City Council’s Public Safety & Legal Administration Committee has jurisdiction over the Municipal Court’s operations.

Public Safety & Legal Administration Committee