Executive Offices

The Executive Offices are comprised of three major offices: the Office of the Mayor, the Office of the Chief of Staff, and the Office of the Chief Operating Officer. These offices include unique divisions that provide administrative and operational support for City departments and various City-managed activities such as communications, intergovernmental affairs, constituent services, and cultural affairs.

Budget Overview

The total proposed operating budget for Executive Offices is $27,770,685. This is an increase of $2,580,808 (+9.3%) from the previous year. The number of authorized positions (jobs) is proposed to increase from 193 to 242.5 (+25.6%).

FY2025 Proposed Budget Book – Executive Offices

Budget Briefing

The offices had their FY2025 budget briefing on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 10:30am.

Budget Briefing: Executive Offices – 05/22/24

Committee of Purview

The Atlanta City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee has jurisdiction over the Executive Offices.

Finance/Executive Committee