Parks & Recreation

The Department of Parks & Recreation manages approximately 5,000 acres of parks and green space within the city limits along with another 200 acres at Lake Allatoona for Camp Best Friends.

Budget Overview

The total proposed operating budget for the Department of Parks & Recreation is $51,882,793. This is an increase of $4,088,725 (+7.9%) from the previous year. The number of authorized positions (jobs) is proposed to increase from 455 to 497 (+9.2%).

FY2025 Proposed Budget Book – Department of Parks & Recreation

Budget Briefing

The department had its FY2025 budget briefing on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 2:00pm. (YouTube: Atlanta City Council)

Budget Briefing: Department of Parks & Recreation – 05/07/24

Committee of Purview

The Atlanta City Council’s Community Development/Human Services Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Parks & Recreation.

Community Development/Human Services Committee