The purpose of non-departmental budget is to provide funding for a variety of expenditures that generally are not specific to any one department, including:

  • debt service
  • workers’ compensation
  • other post-employment benefits
  • insurance
  • unemployment compensation
  • reserves

Budget Overview

The total proposed non-departmental operating budget is $1,128,858,711. This is an increase of $84,653,904 (+8.1%) from the previous year.

FY2025 Proposed Budget Book – Non-Departmental

Budget Briefing

The Finance Department presented the FY2025 Fiscal Condition of the City budget briefing on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 9:30am.

Budget Briefing: Fiscal Condition of the City (including Non-Departmental) – 05/01/24

Committee of Purview

The Atlanta City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee has jurisdiction over non-departmental expenditures.

Finance/Executive Committee